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Private Car Services Singapore - Malaysia

If you ever feel the rush of chasing your flight or the need to get to your destination directly from the airport, Private Car SG.MY Travel is here for you.

Private Car SG.MY Travel service is available all over Singapore and Johor, and for anyone who wants to cross the border to get to the other side with ease.

Passengers can get to enjoy the comfort in an MPV vehicle providing ample leg and baggage space at an affordable fixed price.

The problem of haggling prices with local taxi and figuring out the route to your destination by checking waze or google maps is no longer needed. The drivers will ensure you reach the airport on-time for check-in or track your flight during airport pick-ups.

This is a great option for anyone who wishes to catch a flight or a transfer from the airport.

Read on to find out more!

1. Private Car SG.MY Travel Airport Transfer Services

There is so many other transport service provider in the states, but why solely choose Private Car SG.MY Travel?

What makes it the ideal choice for yourself and your wallet?

Here’re The Reason Why Choose Private Car SG.MY Travel Airport Transfer Services:

  • Provides point-to-point service, drivers will pick you up at your preferred pick-up date, time and location in Singapore or Johor Bahru.
  • Direct transfer between Changi Airport & Johor Bahru or between Senai Airport to Singapore in comfort of private MPV car without need to wait for other passengers.
  • Simple & easy booking via Whatsapp or online booking.
  • You can select one way or return trip between Changi Airport and Johor Bahru or Senai Airport and Singapore.
  • Excellent meet & greet service and welcome signage to avoid any delay or confusion.
  • Affordable private transfer & reasonable pricing rates
  • No need to get off from vehicles twice to clear Singapore and Malaysia immigration, driver will handle the passport clearance for you. You just sit in the car and relaxed.
  • No more alight belongings up and down from the bus.
  • No need to struggle to handle the stress of getting stuck in traffic – you’re not driving.
  • On the day of departure, the assigned driver will be right there with you to help you load your luggage.
  • *A waiting time of up to 45 minutes from the confirmed flight landing.

*Upon landing, the customer is allowed to have 45 minutes of free waiting time. This gives you abundant time to clear Customs and other formalities and proceed to the arrival hall. After the first 45 minutes, a waiting charge of SGD$10 per 30 minutes will be imposed.

For further information, please visit Terms & Conditions.

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Vehicles Details:

No. of seaters:


Comfort capacity:

5 passengers, 1 big luggage & 3 hand carry

No. of seaters:


Comfort capacity:

6 passengers, 2 big luggage & 4 hand carry

No. of seaters:


Comfort capacity:

5 passengers, 2 big luggage & 4 hand carry

No. of seaters:


Comfort capacity:

7 passengers, 2 big luggage & 4 hand carry

Private Car SG.MY Travel Happy Customers

Private Car SG.MY Travel airport transfer service has been receiving good feedback from customers’ experience.

2. Airport Transfer Location in Malaysia/Singapore

Kindly proceed to Reservations to book a taxi for your trip.

3. Singapore Airport Transfer

Got a flight to catch in Singapore Changi Airport or heading home to Johor Bahru? Fret not, we have the service just for you to get through the immigration centre promptly.

Since international flight required departure waiting time is at least 3 hours in advance, the driver will make sure to prepare enough time to ensure passengers don’t miss their flight and able to check-in properly.

3.1 Changi Airport to Johor Bahru

As you get off the plane, feeling fatigued from the long journey, there waiting for your arrival at the Singapore Changi Airport includes a friendly yet professional driver to greet and welcome you.

The driver will fetch you to your destination in Johor Bahru while you stay rested in the vehicle throughout the journey without the need of getting off the car when crossing the immigration centre.

3.2 Johor Bahru to Changi Airport

If you are pick up from Johor Bahru town to Changi Airport by Toyota Innova, you will be charged SGD$100 and charge for Toyota Alphard is SGD$150.

If there’s a flight to catch in Changi Airport, you must always try to avoid the peak hour which may lead to getting stuck in traffic for about 2 hours.

Luckily, Private Car SG.MY Travel knows the Johor Bahru to Changi Airport timing really well and is able to fetch you directly to Changi Airport from any pick-up point in Johor Bahru without any delays.

You don’t have to worry about your luggage either since our driver will take care of all those aspects while escorting you or your guests to the airport.

4. Senai Airport Transfer

Some flights are cheaper at Senai Airport and it may seem almost impossible to reach there?

Think again!

There’s an abundance of transport services that assist to bring passengers across the border from Singapore to Senai Airport and vice versa.

And Private Car SG.MY Travel is a trusted and reliable private car services company that can provide you affordable cross-border transport service from Senai Airport to any location in Singapore and vice-versa.

4.1 Senai Airport to Singapore

After landing in Senai Airport, there could be an issue of haggling prices with a local taxi but that can be fixed by hiring a private taxi.

The transport service offered is reliable, on-time and no hidden or extra baggage cost.

The driver will usually drive through the Second Link which has lesser cars compare to Johor-Singapore Causeway but that really depends on the traffic condition.

4.2 Singapore to Senai Airport

If you are pick up from Singapore to Senai Airport by Toyota Innova, you will be charged SGD$100 and charge for Toyota Alphard is SGD$150.

Getting from Singapore to Senai Airport is really straightforward.

The driver will pick you up from your preferred destination in Singapore and swiftly brings you and your family or friends to Senai Airport, Malaysia.

You get to seat in a spacious MPV vehicle driven by experienced and friendly drivers.

Best of all, if you’re bringing luggage, don’t worry, the car has ample space for your baggage and also your legs.

Note: Different pick up location, different transfer charge. If you have special requirements, send the necessary travel info via WhatsApp.