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Private Car Services Singapore - Malaysia

1.) Singapore To Senai Airport By Private Taxi

There will be taxis ready to pick at any location in Singapore, Singapore airport, Senai airport and others from the city center to the airport.

By far the best way to make this trip from Singapore to Senai Airport is by a privately hired taxi.

Private Car SG.MY Travel provides affordable and hassle-free Singapore to Senai Airport taxi that will give you a comfortable ride either way.

If you are travelling on to Senai Airport from Singapore or Senai Airport to Singapore, Private Car SG.MY Travel has airport transfer services and pick up you with spacious, well-maintained, air-conditioned MPV taxi.

The same goes if you intend to travel to other parts of Johor Bahru or to any other destination in Johor state and beyond.

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Other Transport Options From Singapore To Senai Airport

There are another 2 options to take transport from Singapore to Senai airport or Johor airport.

This is by bus & by shuttle services.

There is no rail service here.

If you want to continue with your journey by rail, you will have to board your train at Johor Bahru Sentral, better known as JB Sentral.

2.) Singapore To Senai Airport By Bus

You can take a bus from the airport to the Larkin Bus Terminal which is the modern bus terminus outside Johor Bahru. You will find all buses to and from Singapore stopping here and it is a fine place to connect for your onward journey to Singapore.

You will also find other buses to other areas in Johor and the rest of Malaysia in this terminal. You will also take the reverse bus when you are coming from the station to the airport.

The same goes for travellers who are going to the airport via Kotaraya Bus Terminal in the city center. Here you will find a few buses from and to Singapore. There are more taxis at Larkin if you would prefer to use taxis for your onward journeys.

3.) Singapore To Senai Airport By Shuttle

There is an airport shuttle to and from the airport with departure and drop-off points at Tune Hotel at Danga Bay. You can choose to travel either in a car or a pooled shuttle.

Senai International Airport is the main terminal for international and local aircraft flying into Johor, Malaysia’s region in the south of the Peninsula.

The airport is 32 kilometers from Johor Bahru city center. It is a busy airport owing to the fact that every year there is an increase in the number of arrivals reaching to 2,300,000 in 2014.

Add this to nearly 5 million kilograms of freight in 43,000 commercial flights, scheduled and non-scheduled and you will understand how busy it is.

This can be attributed to the exponential growth in commercial development, trade and tourism. Johor state has become one of the fastest growing regions in all of Malaysia.

Johor Bahru, with its numerous malls, theme parks, waterfront locations, restaurants, mix of cultures and prime residential areas is the main city in Johor.

It also borders Singapore which is just across the Straits of Johor. Most of the arrivals’ first stop is in the city. Some who come for business will go to meetings in the various hotels, banks and commercial offices which are all over the town.

Then there are the tourists who will find their hotels or other accommodation before venturing to the various attractions of which Johor Bahru has plenty.