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Farm In The City: This Petting Zoo Lets You Befriend Alpacas, Raccoons, Ponies, And More!

Photo Credit: @_wanxuan_19, @wyne88

Quite Literally A Farm In The City

Photo Credit: @_wanxuan_19

Located in Seri Kembangan, Farm In The City is the outing spot for animal lovers! Unlike in typical zoos where animals are usually kept in cages and enclosures out of reach, Farm In The City strives to be more than a viewing exhibit - in fact, encouraging visitor-interactions with animals in an authentic environment is at the core of the petting zoo's mission.

Photo Credit: @dhnshg

Photo Credit: @_wanxuan_19

Here, visitors have the chance to get up-close and personal with over 100 animals including exotic and rare species you don't get to encounter elsewhere. Animals are kept in well-maintained enclosures and open compounds designed to mimic their natural habitats - there are no steel barred cages or cold fences that are common at usual zoos here. The farm's environment and vibe much resembles a typical Malay kampung, and you'll realize how much they try to fuse the wonders of wildlife with nature the moment you step foot in the space.

Photo Credit: @wyne88

The farm places great importance on educating visitors (especially children!) about animals in interactive settings. Whenever possible, you'll get to feed, pet, and sometimes even ride some of the animals at the petting zoo!

Opening Hours

  • Weekdays: 10AM - 6PM
  • Weekends: 930AM - 6PM

Farm In The City is closed on Tuesdays with the exception of public holidays and school holidays. Pop by on a weekday if you can for a lesser crowd, or else head over as early as you can to maximize your visit and avoid the afternoon heat!

With so much ground to cover at the farm, most visitors recommend allocating at least half a day for your visit so you don't have to rush through the attractions, especially if you're visiting with children.

Planning Your Visit

Photo Credit: @we_gotravel

Farm In The City is a great place for animal lovers, regardless of age. The space is also stroller-friendly, so don't worry if you're planning to visit with your little ones. Bring along a portable fan or umbrella if you're worried about the heat, and dress in comfortable, airy outfits as you'll be walking around a lot!

You are highly encouraged to book your admission ticket on Klook to enjoy discounted rates and hassle-free, contactless ticket redemption with mobile e-vouchers.

Farm In The City Ticket Prices

Photo Credit: @wyne88

Ticket CategoryRetail PriceKlook Price
Malaysian Adult
Malaysian Child
Non-Malaysian Adult
Non-Malaysian Child

Animals At Farm In The City

Photo Credit: @we_gotravel

Farm In The City is divided into different sections with much to see, do, and learn. There's a huge free-flight bird aviary, a reptile cavern, a lake that's home to various species of ducks, geese, pelicans, and swans, a pet village filled with cuddly rabbits and guinea pigs, a jungle walk where visitors can walk among unique animals, as well as a vegetable farm and orchard with an expansive exhibit of over 60 tropical fruit trees and exotic plants!

Photo Credit: @yazmin.aziz

Photo Credit: @yesayarizza

Visitors will get to interact with over 100 species of animals ranging from the tame ones to the more exotic species. Some of the popular stars here include the giant tortoises, the friendly raccoons, adorable alpaca, gentle ponies, vibrantly-coloured birds, and cheeky meerkats! You'll also get to encounter exotic animals like the world's smallest species of horse, the second smallest species of kangaroo, and the world's rarest white crow.

Animals At Farm In The City

1. Feed the giant tortoise

Photo Credit: @abeeraisy

Photo Credit: @limay.ng

Affectionately known as the 'longevity village', this popular area within Farm In The City is home to a wide range of exotic tortoises and turtles including some impressive giant tortoises! Don't miss the chance to touch, feed, and snap a photo with these incredible, gentle creatures.

2. Get Surrounded By Free-Flying Birds

Photo Credit: @shahmee_

You'll be surrounded by birds of all sizes, colours, and species the moment you step into the farm's free-flight bird aviary. Make some new feathered friends and feed them with your bare hands. If you're lucky you might catch a beautiful peacock spreading its beautiful tail!

3. Cuddle Some Rabbits

Photo Credit: @we_gotravel

The Pet Village is definitely a crowd-puller at the farm. Here, you'll get to cuddle, pet, and feed free-roaming rabbits and guinea pigs fresh vegetables. Watch your little ones squeal in delight as the gentle creatures nibble off thin stalks of carrots.

Photo Credit: @shahmee_

4. Try Catching Some Longkang Fish

Parents who have grown up in the kampung would be familiar with the traditional childhood activity of fishing from drains! Let your children relieve the experience by attempting to catch some fash-swimming longkang fish at the farm.

5. Befriend The Raccoons

Photo Credit: @_wanxuan_19

Photo Credit: @yesayarizza

The cheeky, friendly raccoons are definitely the superstars of the farm. Get up-close to them and watch them collect food from you with their nimble fingers. Don't leave without taking a selfie with your new friends!

6. Look Out For The Exotic Animals

Photo Credit: @maaiineee

Marvel at the wide range of rare species and exotic animals available at the farm, including the world's smallest horse species, small and agile Fennec Foxes (known as the smallest fox in the world), a rare species of white peacock, and more!