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Discover Malaysia in 2024: 10 Must-Experience Activities To Check Off Your Travel Bucket List

Revenge travel was at its high in 2023, after the recent years of pandemic cross-border lockdowns. We enjoyed hearing from many of you as you planned and went on exciting international trips after so long! From chasing cherry blossoms and golden autumn foliage, to mouth-watering food hunts and theme park dates, it was truly a year of adventure.

As we step into 2024, you may be wondering – what's next on your travel list? While you plan for your next overseas adventure, we're here to remind you that there are also many exciting experiences, both new and old, that you probably have yet to discover in our very own beautiful Malaysia!

In 2024, we're making it a point to discover and experience more of the world, starting from our very own backyard. If you've got a travel bucket list – cause we certainly do! – these 10 must-experience activities in Malaysia are definitely worthy of being added onto it!

1. Climb up Mount Kinabalu

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Photo Credits: @sinorethasining

At the top of our list – no pun intended – is none other than conquering the majestic Mount Kinabalu. Towering high up in the skies at an impressive height of 13,435 feet, Mount Kinabalu is Sabah's sacred mountain and climbing it is no easy feat for sure, but is definitely bucket list-worthy.

This mountain climb has always remained a bucket list activity for many Malaysians, so why not make 2024 the year that you officially check it off your list? Most climbers embark on a 2 or 3-day journey and engage services of a registered mountain guide for a safe and rewarding experience. Up for conquering the tallest mountain in Borneo? Time to start training!

2. Experience Guinness World Record activities in Penang

Did you know that Penang is home to the world's longest tube water slide as well as the world's longest zip coaster? You can find both of these record-breaking activities at the thrilling ESCAPE Penang, a massive theme park and water park surrounded by nature on the island.

Photo Credit: @matredho88

Photo Credit: ESCAPE Penang

The Longest (yes, that's the official name of the slide!) water slide embodies its name literally by spanning an incredible length of 1,111 metres, while the Zip Coaster will bring you flying through the trees on a 1,135-metre long ride, making them both Guinness World Record holders.

Plan a day's visit to ESCAPE Penang to explore over 35 attractions and activities inside! Aside from holding world records, you can also find Malaysia's first ever dry ski slope and first ever Dead Sea pool here. The theme park takes pride in its natural environment, emphasising on self-powered play, which means very little tech is used here!

3. Kayak among mangroves in Langkawi

Explore Langkawi's unique coastal wonders as you kayak through its lush mangrove forests. Though there are boat tours that can bring you on the journey, kayaking gives you a whole other adventure-like experience – navigate your kayak along small rivers and paddle through winding waterways surrounded by the intricate web of mangrove roots.

Even if you aren't a seasoned kayaker, you don't have to worry as the waterways here are easy to manoeuvre around and are perfect for beginners, making this activity accessible to those seeking a laidback exploration of the island. Watch eagles soar above you, and if you're lucky, you'll even get to witness under native wildlife such as kingfishers, herons, monitor lizards and indigenous plants that call these mangroves their home.

4. Witness bue tears in Kuala Selangor

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Have you ever heard of or seen the 'blue tears' phenomenon? Caused by the result of a chemical reaction called bioluminescence, the blue tears phenomenon occurs naturally at night, contributed by algae or marine plankton that emit blue-green light upon nightfall. It's definitely a must to experience this yourself one day and marvel at the magical-like blue streaks.

Did you know that you can also catch sight of the magical beauty of blue tears at several destinations across Malaysia? One of our favourite places where this otherworldly sight was spotted is in Kuala Selangor. The Selangor River that runs through it is home to beautiful lights emitted by these microscopic creatures and you can go on a nighttime boat cruise to witness the blue tears here.

5. Obtain a PADI open water diving certificate

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Delve into the mesmerising underwater world and swim alongside schools of colourful fishes in Malaysia's surrounding ocean. With its the generally calm waters and great choice of beautiful islands all over the country, diving is an exciting activity that's thankfully easily accessible for Malaysians.

Obtaining an open water diving certificate is a bucket list item for many nature lovers, and if it's on your bucket list for the year, the PADI Open Water Diver Course is your gateway to the underwater realm. Recognised worldwide for its comprehensive scuba diving certification, PADI offers unparalleled educational programs designed to equip you with all the knowledge you'd need to explore the underwater world safely.

6. Trek and hunt for rafflesias

You've probably seen photos and drawings of the rafflesia, but have you ever seen this giant red bloom in real life? Hidden amidst our lush rainforests, this elusive beauty is the world's largest and most captivating flower, and catching sight of it is a rare experience of its own.

This year, go on a nature lover's quest as you trek through our country's wilderness in search of the rafflesia! You can find the flower in Sarawak and Sabah, as well as in a few Peninsular states such as Pahang and Perak. Most of the trekking trails will bring you deep into our verdant rainforests, offering nothing less than an adventure of exploration, education, and the joy of discovering one of the world's botanical wonders in its natural habitat.

7. Challenge yourself to white water rafting

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If you are an adrenaline junkie, then you definitely have to add white water rafting onto your bucket list, if you haven't already. This activity is suitable for team-building or simply a group activity out in nature, so get ready to raft down multiple kilometres of rushing river waters with your friends or family!

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Navigate roaring streams that carve their way through our dense rainforests. There are a variety of white water rafting destinations in Malaysia, each one offering excitement and breathtaking scenery, but the best part is that they cater to all levels of expertise. Professional guides will also be with you to ensure your safety while enhancing the thrill, making this an ideal activity for those seeking a blend of adventure and nature.

8. Go glamping or camping in Janda Baik

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Bucket lists don't always have to be filled with challenging activities – if you envision to take 2024 on at a slower pace, why not try out a more laid-back activity instead? One of our favourite things to do in Malaysia is going on a nature getaway and there's no better way to enjoy that than with a glamping or camping trip!

There are tons of glamping and camping sites in Malaysia for you to choose from, but our personal favourite destination would be Janda Baik, located just under an hour's drive away from KL! Known for its cool climate and verdant landscapes, it provides an idyllic setting for nature enthusiasts. Spend a night here in a cosy campsite surrounded by trees and orchards – just take your pick from this list of some of the top glamping and camping spots:

  • Tiarasa Escapes
  • Canopy Villa Tampik Valley
  • Sailor's Rest Resort
  • Dinda ATV & Glamping
  • Aur Glampcamp & Campsite

9. Try out tandem paragliding

The sky is your limit for what you want to achieve in the new year, quite literally. Take your bucket list to new heights by trying out tandem paragliding! Imagine yourself securely harnessed to an experienced pilot as you soar gracefully through the open skies, offering you an awe-inspiring, 360-degree view of Malaysia's diverse landscapes.

Choose from stunning locations like the lush hills of Bukit Jugra or the breathtaking views of Mount Kinabalu from Ranau for your paragliding adventure. Whether you're seeking an adrenaline rush or perhaps a challenge for yourself, tandem paragliding is the perfect addition to your list of sky-high aspirations. The skies await, but are you ready to spread your wings?

10. Catch sight of dolphins

We're wrapping up our list with an activity that is a little more underrated in Malaysia – dolphin watching. Beach and island getaways are nothing new for Malaysians, but instead of the usual water sports or snorkelling, why not take a trip to Malaysia's coastal gems this year for an enchanting encounter with these playful marine creatures instead?

Most people would spot dolphins off the coast of Langkawi, especially on boat tours and sunset cruises, but you can also catch sight of them in other locations such as the Santubong River in Kuching and the shores of Pangkor Island. Just picture yourself aboard a boat, as these intelligent creatures leap alongside in their natural habitat – this moment of connection will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on your adventures in Malaysia.