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Muar Cafe- Top 12 Most Popular Cafe In Muar

Muar Cafe: Top 12 Most Popular Cafe In Muar 

Discover the best Muar Cafe and grab your favorite brewed coffee here! Muar is a beautiful city in the Malaysian state of Johor. It is known for historical sites like the Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque and the Johor Bahru Old Chinese Temple. The town also has a variety of places to shop and eat and become popular for tourists to visit.

Muar Cafe JB

Image credit: Time Out

This city boasts a bustling café culture with diverse flavors and inviting nooks to unwind. Muar’s café culture caters to all tastes. It’s a must-see for cafe lovers because of its long history, important landmarks, and delicious food. Undoubtful, this makes Muar Johor a paradise for coffee lovers.

Private Car SG.MY Travel will recommend the top 12 most popular cafes in Muar. The Muar Cafe list included vintage, modern, and minimalist cafes. You can pick the most appropriate mood-matching preset from a range of options.


1. Jenna Rose Designer Boutique. Coffee & Cakes

Jenna Rose Designer Boutique. Coffee & Cakes Muar

Image credit: Follow Us

In Muar, JENNA ROSE Boutique & Cafe is a brilliant mix of an exciting café and a stylish shop. This one-of-a-kind cafe and boutique are a popular place for locals and tourists.

Jenna Rose Boutique & Cafe - Cakes

Image credit: Jenna Rose Boutique & Café Facebook

Besides, this cafe makes a cozy atmosphere with wooden tables, books, plants, and dim lighting. It helps customers feel at ease while they eat there. In addition, the boutique features stunning window displays showing off outfits at the forefront of fashion.

Jenna Rose Boutique & Cafe Muar JB - Clothes

Image credit: Jenna Rose Boutique & Café Facebook

Additionally, there’s a boutique with thoughtfully selected clothing items. If you’re a fashion enthusiast or someone who’s looking for unique gifts, there’s a lot to choose from. While you grab your coffee, you can go shopping and find unique designs and exquisite details.

Jenna Rose Boutique & Cafe - Atmosphere

Image credit: Jenna Rose Boutique & Café Facebook

Moreover, all the cakes at this cafe are homemade. The Flaming Cheesecake and Walnut Brownie are two of the establishment’s signature cakes. Most of the drinks on the menu are made with coffee, tea, or chocolate. Among their customers, the lattes and cappuccinos were the most recommended drinks.

Additional Information:
Address: 2-19 & 2-20, Ground Floor, Kampung Tengah, Jalan Sungai Abong, 84000 Muar, Johor 
Operation Hours: 12 noon-11:00 pm (Mon to Thu) &  12 noon – 12:00 am ( Fri to Sun )
Contact Number: +60 6-910 0272
Website: JENNA ROSE Boutique & Café

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2. Muar Collector Space

Muar Collector Space

Image credit: Muar Collector Space Facebook

Muar Collector Space is one of the halal cafes in Muar. This one-of-a-kind coffee shop stands out because of its creative coffee culture and artistic atmosphere.

Muar Collector Space - Decoration

Image credit: Muar Collector Space

Besides, this Muar cafe decoration and setup will amaze you when you walk in. Also, there are a lot of vinyl records, game consoles, and toy models on the walls. Making it an excellent place for collectors and people who like old things.

Muar Collector Space Food and Bevarage

Image credit: Muar Collector Space

Moreover, this cafe’s menu has much delicious dishes to choose from. The café offers nostalgic traditional Malaysian dishes like Nasi Lemak and Satay. Also, they sell conventional Malay turmeric rice (Nasi Kunyit) in limited amounts every weekend. Besides, this cafe offers food at affordable prices, ensuring an enjoyable dining experience for guests.

Muar Collector Space - Inside

Image credit: Muar Collector Space Facebook

Furthermore, there are many things to do here. You can play the original Super Mario or Contra games for free while you drink your afternoon tea. Besides, you go up the wooden stairs, you’ll come to a small art gallery. Also, you can take a picture of your outfit in front of some beautiful street art at their photogenic spot.

Additional Information:
Address: 44, Jalan Abdullah, Pekan Muar, 84000 Muar, Johor 
Operation Hours: 2:00 pm – 11:00 pm (Thu to Mon) & Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Contact Number: +60 12-3023170 
Website: Muar Collector Space

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3. Project Kaffeine Muar


Project Kaffeine Muar Cafe JBImage credit: Project Kaffeine Muar

The first glasshouse café in Muar, Project Kaffeine Cafe, is quiet in the middle of the busy city. It features lovely views and natural-inspired decorations. People can work on their laptops in a less stressful setting at this place.

Project Kaffeine Muar - Cakes

Image credit: Project Kaffeine Muar

This cafe’s specialty drinks and flavors are its top-notch offerings. One of their most popular drinks is the specialty latte. They made it with different flavored syrups and extras to give the coffee a more personal touch. Whether you like a classic latte or want to try new flavors, they can meet your needs.

Project Kaffeine Muar dessert

Image credit: Project Kaffeine Muar

Also, a hot cup of coffee goes great with a sweet cake or dessert that makes your mouth water. At Project Kaffeine Cafe, they make desserts with fresh ingredients. Tuna and Cheese Toast, P.K. Mocha, and Yam Mille Pancake are some of their most popular dishes. Not only are these dishes pretty to look at, but they also taste good.

Project Kaffeine Muar - Inside

Image credit: Project Kaffeine Muar Facebook

Moreover, Project Kaffeine Muar also has a warm, friendly atmosphere that makes you feel at home. You can enjoy flavorful coffee in comfortable chairs inside or on outdoor seating. Even if you’re feeling down, going to this café will make you feel better. It is undoubtedly a great place to get together with friends, spend time with family, or relax.

Additional Information:
Address: Roof Top Level ,Urban Green Lot 256, Jalan Sulaiman, Kampung Dato Bentara Dalam, 84000 Muar, Johor
Operation Hours: 12 noon -10:00 pm (Wed to Mon) & Closed on Tuesdays
Contact Number: +60 6-950 6087
Website: Project Kaffeine Muar

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4. One°North Cafe @ Muar

One°North Cafe Muar Jb

Image credit: One°North Cafe

People know One North Café for its modern atmosphere and unique drinks since it’s in the middle of Muar. This café combines elements of contemporary art and unique design in a beautiful and delicious way.

One North Cafe - Pasta

Image credit: One°North Cafe Facebook

You can add seafood, meat, sausages, or anything else to your pasta here. Also, you can choose between spaghetti and linguine. Besides, buy a cake and drink and get the second drink half off every day between 3 and 6 p.m. It is undoubtedly the best time for your tea time!

One North Cafe - Sun of Beach

Image credit: One°North Cafe Facebook

Besides, the “Sun of Beach” blend is perfect and worth a try. Every sip makes you feel you’re on vacation. It’s prepared using Thai coconut and cold-brew coffee. Additionally, the café provides the remaining coconut on the side for your enjoyment.

One°North Cafe delicious meal

Image credit: One°North Cafe

One North Café is a great place to spend time with friends or family. Since it has a modern look and a cozy feel. Besides, they care most about their customers’ comfort and privacy. They ensure enough space between the tables so that people can talk without being overheard.

Additional Information:
Address: 70, Jalan Hashim, Taman Sri Emas, 84000 Muar, Johor 
Operation Hours: 8:30 am-8:30 pm (Sat & Sun) & 11:30 am-8:30 pm (Mon to Wed & Fri) Closed on Thursdays
Contact Number: +60 10-290 1688 
Website: One North Muar

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5. CAFE 1988

Cafe 1988 Muar Cafe

Image credit: CAFE 1988

CAFE 1988 Muar is a minimalist and artistic Japanese café in the neighborhood. This Muar Cafe is a unique coffee shop made of an old house. It’s an excellent place for people who like to take pictures to capture special moments.

Cafe 1988 - Inside

Image credit: CAFE 1988

Moreover, it has a white facade with plants, wooden doors, and windows with Japanese writing. Making it feel like you’ve stepped into a small alley from a Japanese drama. Also, the restaurant’s decor is simple but tasteful, and the aroma of coffee from the counter perfectly adds to the calm atmosphere.

Cafe 1988 - Japanese Curry Rice

Image credit: CAFE 1988

Furthermore, the CAFE 1988 Muar menu serves Japanese food, desserts, and coffee here. Especially, customers highly recommend Japanese curry rice. Whenever customers taste Japanese curry rice, they consistently return for more. Every bite of Japanese curry rice bursts with flavor and juice, making you happy.

Cafe 1988 - Tiramisu

Image credit: CAFE 1988

Besides, their signature Tiramisu cake with alcohol is the most you need to try. It’s different from the other Tiramisu cakes you might find. Also, their homemade cakes are a brilliant choice. Satisfy your cravings and enjoy simple desserts like blueberry panna cotta, chocolate molten cake (lava cake), tiramisu, and souffle.

Additional Information:
Address: 146, Jalan Dato Haji Hassan, Taman Sri Maharani, 84000 Muar, Johor 
Operation Hours: 12 noon -9:00 pm (Thu to Tue) & Closed on Wednesdays
Contact Number: +60 6-953 3579 
Website: Cafe 1988

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The Hungry Nest

Image credit: The Hungry Nest

The Hungry Nest Cafe is a place where health is the focus. This cafe utilizes pure olive oil and sea salt in its cuisine and makes the dishes lower in calories. If you like healthy food, you shouldn’t miss out on The Hungry Nest Cafe’s tasty Western food.

The Hungry Nest - Nasi Lemak

Image credit: The Hungry Nest

Besides, the best thing about this café is how many kinds of delicious meals they serve. Including vege-friendly dishes, hot stone pot meals, brown rice dishes, and the pumpkin curry series. In addition, the Nasi Lemak they serve is not at all greasy. It’s made with smelly brown rice and doesn’t have any coconut milk in it.

The Hungry Nest - dessert

Image credit: The Hungry Nest

Furthermore, they also have an extensive selection of cakes. Including, taro, mango glutinous rice, and black wine chocolate are unique flavors. Furthermore, the café’s cakes strike a perfect balance between sweetness and saltiness, making them a flavorful treat for customers.

The Hungry Nest - Inside

Image credit: The Hungry Nest

Moreover, the café has a lot of wooden furniture. Especially, the soft yellow lights and white walls, make it a warm and welcoming ambiance. There are wooden barstools near the counter for people who would rather sit up higher. It is also a retreat to solace in the city’s chaos and rejuvenate your mind and body.

Additional Information:
Address: 4, Jln Perniagaan Sinar Jaya 1, Taman Pusat Perniagaan Sinar Jaya, 84000 Muar, Johor 
Operation Hours: 11:00 am-10:00 pm (Sun to Thu ) & 11:00 am-9:00 pm ( Fri and Sat ) & Closed on Tuesdays
Contact Number: +60 18-252 2102 
Website: The Hungry Nest

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Bean & Bed Muar cafe

Image credit: Bean & Bed Facebook

They transformed the double-story colonial house in Muar into a “Café-Inspired Homestay” known as BEAN & BED. Since its unique look has become a popular place to hang out, work, or relax.

Bean & Bed - Inside & Outside

Image credit: Bean & Bed Facebook

Besides, it looks like a private European home, especially with its beautiful red brick walls. You’ll find a typical café with places to eat inside and out when you go inside. Also, their style of design is based on a garden theme and goes well with the carefully cared-for plants.

Bean & Bed - Nasi Lemak

Image credit: Bean & Bed Facebook

BEAN & BED is best known for serving local dishes. While their famous Nasi Lemak is worth a try. You can eat fluffy Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken, Ayam Merah, Hard-Boiled Eggs, or even Otak-Otak. Undoubtful, Nasi Lemak’s coconut rice is a good pairing for the grilled Otak-Otak’s slightly spicy flavors.

Bean & Bed - Cakes

Image credit: Bean & Bed Facebook

Also, it’s easy to notice the attractive display of tasty cakes in the glass showcase. The Classic Burnt Cheesecake is a cake that greatly gets a lot of excellent reviews. Moreover, coffee lovers can rejoice as they offer top-notch, aromatic coffee that’s bound to satisfy.

Additional Information:
Address: 53, Jln Muar, 84000 Muar, Johor 
Operation Hours: 8:30 am – 6:30 am (Mon to Sun) & Closed on Wednesday
Contact Number: +60 12-211 1400 
Website: Bean & Bed

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New Bie Cafe Muar JB

Image credit: NEW BIE CAFE

The “NEW BIE CAFE” is a hidden gem Muar Cafe you may have missed. It is on the second floor of a building in the Pesta area of Muar. Besides, this charming café welcomes you with friendly vibes and stunning decor.

New Bie Cafe -Coffee

Image credit: NEW BIE CAFE

If you like coffee, you should definitely go to this café. The coffee at this cafe has a unique nutty flavor that’s carefully crafted by their selection of coffee beans. Especially, their classic latte or cappuccino is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

New Bie Cafe -Salted Egg Croissant

Image credit: NEW BIE CAFE

In addition, New Bie Café offers delicious snacks and pastries. Besides, their Salted Egg Croissant is worth a try, a delightful mix of savory and sweet tastes. You’ll experience the velvety richness of salted egg yolk harmonizing with the buttery layers of a crumbly croissant. Also, it’s a flavor explosion that will leave your taste buds wanting more.

New Bie Cafe -Vibe

Image credit: NEW BIE CAFE

Besides, it has a warm and welcoming vibe, making it a great place to take photos on Instagram. Plus, the soft lighting and comfortable seating make it an excellent place for deep conversations with friends, quiet reading, or focused work. Also, framed meaningful quotes hang on the walls of the café, giving you ideas for captions for your next Instagram post.

Additional Information:
Address: No.19,Tingkat 1,Jalan Mega,Pusat Perdagangan Mega,Jalan Sakeh 84000 Muar, Johor, Malaysia 
Operation Hours: 12 noon -10:00 pm (Mon to Sun)
Contact Number: +60 12-630 9781 
Website: New Bie Cafe

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9. The Pokémist by RSVP

The PokeMist Muar Cafe JB

Image credit: The Pokemist

If you like poke bowls, you should definitely check out RSVP Cafe. They offer a bowl of fresh, delicious, and healthy ingredients. Making sure you savor the flavor and get all the nutrients.

The PokeMist - Interior Design

Image credit: The Pokemist

in addition, the RSVP Cafe features a minimalist design, with a black-and-cream color scheme. Also, its features of cozy chairs and calming music contribute to a warm and inviting atmosphere. It’s an excellent spot for both dining and unwinding simultaneously.


The PokeMist - Teriyaki Chicken BreastImage credit: The Pokemist

Besides, this Muar cafe is famed for its Pokebowl. It is a dish with a base of pearl rice, brown rice, and salad greens. A wide array of substantial ingredients and toppings are available to complement your Pokebowl. So, you can choose your favorite toppings and ingredient and drizzle with its homemade sauces.

Additionally, their best-selling topping is the Teriyaki Chicken breast. It is definitely yummy-delicious for your Pokebowl!

The PokeMist - Cakes

Image credit: The Pokemist

Moreover, every trip would be complete with some sweets and a glass of fresh-squeezed fruit juice. They also have coffee, freshly squeezed juices, and sweets. Especially, Mochi with flavors like chocolate and durian are their best seller.

Additional Information:
Address: 19, Tingkat Terbawah, Pusat Mega Perdagangan, Jln Sakeh, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 84000 Muar, Johor
Operation Hours: 11:00 am-8:00 pm (Mon to Sun)
Contact Number: +60 19-875 8871 
Website: The Pokemist

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10. De Toast 朴实土司

De Toast

Image credit: De Toast

De Toast is the popular Muar cafe in the heart of Muar. As the name suggests, it offers a variety of sandwiches and toasts. Also, it is a unique and charming café that is loved for its simple, healthy, and delicious toasts.

De Toast - Vibe

Image credit: De Toast

Besides, the interior design and decor of De Toast 朴实土司 reflect a cozy and rustic charm. The cafe embraces a warm color palette, featuring earthy tones and natural materials such as wood and stone. Besides, the walls are adorned with vintage artwork and photographs, creating a nostalgic atmosphere. Making it an ideal spot for patrons to enjoy a leisurely meal or simply relax with a cup of coffee.

De toast - toast & coffee

Image credit: De Toast

Moreover, this Muar cafe’s unique feature is the ability to make your own toast. Their signature dish, Four Seasons Toast, is a must-try. Its jams and toppings include coffee coconut butter, creamy chicken floss, peanut butter with crushed peanuts, and prawn cheese with ham. Besides, the combination of sweet and savory flavors makes this inventive dish more appealing.

De Toast - Laksa

Image credit: De Toast

Besides, the Signature Singapore Laksa is a special dish they serve on the weekends. The laksa leaves make De Toast stand out and flavorful. So, this laksa is undoubtedly a must-try dish for many Singapore friends because it tastes as it does back home. It has become a top-selling at De Toast because people like it.

Additional Information:
Address: No. 21 Ground Floor, Jalan Mega, Pusat Perdagangan Mega, Jalan Sakeh 84000 Muar, Johor
Operation Hours: 8:00 am – 5:30 pm (Mon to Sun)
Contact Number: +60 14-313 2424 
Website: De Toast

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11. After Samp’s Cafe

After Samp Cafe Muar

Image credit: After Samp’s Facebook

If you like pour-over coffee or brunch, then After Samp’s Cafe will satisfy your cravings. Here, you can spend a relaxing afternoon sipping coffee and eating delicious pastries.

After Samp Cafe Muar- Dessert

Image credit: After Samp’s

This Muar Cafe is likely one with the most space and the fewest people. Each table or sofa in the shop has enough room around it. So, this is making it doesn’t feel too tight or crowded. Also, the café is a comfortable, peaceful, and serene place to be.

After Samp Cafe Muar - Inside

Image credit: After Samp’s

Besides, the most significant feature of this café is the unique plated desserts. Since it is usually only available at five-star hotels and fine-dining restaurants. So, when you go to this café, don’t forget to try their signature desserts. Such as mango sticky rice, Le Ruby, and Ceinoist.

After Samp Cafe Muar- PizzaImage credit: After Samp’s Facebook

Moreover, their double Cheesecake Berries Pizza stands out because it sounds sinful and tempting. Picture a flawlessly baked pizza, topped with not just one, but two layers of velvety cheesecake. So this also creates an indulgent and unique culinary experience. Also, the sweet burst of fresh berries gives it a tangy twist that makes you want more.

Additional Information:
Address: 43, 1st Floor, Jln Mega, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, 84000 Muar, Johor 
Operation Hours: 12 noon -12:00 am (Mon to Sun)
Contact Number: +60 12-636 1088 
Website: After Samps 

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12. LIBTA Coffee

Libta Coffee Muar cafe JB

Image credit: LIBTA Coffee

Libta Coffee is approximately a 15-minute drive from Glutton Street in Muar. This Muar cafe is in a small industrial area with ample parking space, providing convenient parking options for visitors.

Libta Coffee - Seafood Laksa

Image credit: LIBTA Coffee

Besides, don’t forget to get a bowl of their famous Seafood Laksa. It made this dish with fresh, plump, and juicy seafood. A filling and mouthwatering meal is created when the rice noodles are soaked up in the flavorful and rich broth.

Libta Coffee - Coffee

Image credit: LIBTA Coffee

Moreover, they primarily serve Kopitiam food, which is Malaysian favorite comfort food. Locally grown Liberica beans from Johor are used for traditional drinks. Inlcduing Kopi O Johor, Signature Cream Johor, and Kopi Johor. A full-bodied woody flavor with floral and fruity undertones and a lingering dark chocolate aftertaste is what customers can anticipate.

Libta Coffee- Windmill

Image credit: LIBTA Coffee

Besides, the major attraction of the café is a large windmill, which provides a perfect backdrop for photo opportunities. It filled the inside of the café with wooden and leather furniture, which makes it feel more like home. There is also a small market inside where you can buy products from the area.

Additional Information:
Address: 11, JALAN NAIB PIEE 1 Taman Perindustrian Ringan Naib Piee, Kampung Naib Piee, 84300 Muar, Johor 
Operation Hours: 9:00 am-6:00 pm (Mon to Fri ) &  8:30 am-6:00 pm(Sat & Sun)
Contact Number: +60 19-620 6424 
Website: Libta Coffee

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