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10 New Hotel & Suite In Malacca Malaysia 2023

10 New Hotel & Suite In Malacca Malaysia 2023

Have a memorable and comfortable stay in the best new hotels in Malacca! A comfortable stay in a hotel is essential to a successful vacation due to it’s where you’ll be spending most of your time during a trip. If you’re not comfortable in your hotel, it can affect your mood and overall experience during your vacation.

Malacca city

Image credit: Liu Men Hotel Facebook

Malacca, a UNESCO World Heritage city in Malaysia, boasts a captivating blend of ancient history, diverse culture, and delectable cuisine. The city caters to well-preserved architecture and sites spanning the Portuguese, Dutch, and British colonial periods. Thus, this heritage city offers visitors a fascinating journey into its storied past. From the iconic Stadthuys and A Famosa fortress to the bustling Jonker Street night market.

Malacca City provides a memorable and educational adventure. So, let’s take a look with Private Car SG.MY Travel at these 10 Best & New Hotel in Malacca 2023 that will make your visit to this historic city an experience to cherish forever!


  1. Rosa Malacca

Rosa Malacca location

Image credit: Rosa Malacca Facebook

Rosa Malacca is located in the old city of Malacca, a boutique hotel with a European design that makes the hotel itself a new tourist attraction. With high-quality service and hotel design, it is a hotel with a super refined British retro industrial style. While making it an elegant accommodation without losing the homely feeling.

Rosa Malacca Room and Suite

Image credit: Rosa Malacca Facebook

Rosa Malacca offers a variety of rooms and suites for guests to choose from. Each room is uniquely designed with modern amenities such as WI-FI and flat screen tv, and comfortable furnishings to ensure a relaxing and enjoyable stay.  Besides, the suites are larger and include extra features like separate living spaces and small kitchens.

Rosa Malacca Dining Area

Image credit: Rosa Malacca Facebook

The decor is designed using raw materials, red bricks, cement, and water pipes are everywhere, showing the original appearance of the building. Besides, there is a small square courtyard in the middle of the hotel looking down from the top, where you can enjoy breakfast or afternoon tea.

The hotel also has a cafe, BICA & CO, which serves Western cuisine! In addition, the cozy cafe features floor-to-ceiling glass is very suitable for taking pictures here!

Rosa Malacca meeting roomn

Image credit: Rosa Malacca Facebook

Furthermore, the Rosa Malacca Hotel also has an exclusive parking lot and a 24-hour security guard, so you don’t have to worry about parking! Apart from the unique design, the hotel is only 10 minute’s walk distance from Melaka’s famous attractions, such as Jonker Street, Red House, and other attractions. While it is a great place for friends/couples to stay together and enjoy the beauty of the decor.

Additional Information:
Address: 212 Jalan Parameswara, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia 
Check-in & Check-out: Check-In after 3:00 pm & Check out before 12 noon
Contact: +60 6-281 9888
Website: Rosa Malacca


  1. AMES Hotel

AMES Hotel Location

Image credit:Tripadvisor.com

Ames Hotel is a 5-star hotel located at Aver Keroh, Melaka, off the main road. As soon as you walk into the hotel lobby, you feel that the whole thing is spectacular and luxurious, the whole thing is marble-themed and very splendid.

AMES Hotel room and suite

Image credit: AMES Hotel Facebook

The hotel room is very clean and surging everywhere to see the large mirrors and marble. Their bathroom is tastefully decorated, and the whole thing is made of marble and there is a bathtub, it’s really beautiful! The Ames Hotel Melaka features facilities that are very complete, there is a bar upstairs that can go up in the evening to have a drink and feel the night view.

AMES Hotel MoonBar

Image credit: AMES Hotel Facebook

The hotel’s pool is on the middle floor and you may have a rejuvenating spa, too! Of course, you can easy to touring with nearby attractions. Besides, the AMES Hotel Melaka has 3 buffet-style restaurants on-site, including The Munch, Laze Lounge, and Moon Bar. You may enjoy the delicacies in your favorite restaurant.

AMES Hotel Outdoor swimming pool

Image credit: AMES Hotel Facebook

The style of this fashionable hotel should be regarded as one of the very high-end hotels in Malacca. it is super recommended here!

Additional Information:
Address: Jalan Pkak 2, Pusat Komersial, 75450 Ayer Keroh, Melaka
Check-in & Check-out:  Check-in after 3:00 pm & Check-out before 12 noon
Contact: +60 6-318 3999
Website: AMES Hotel

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Image credit: CHRISTEE SUITES HOTEL Facebook

CHRISTEE SUITES HOTEL is a lovely hotel in Malacca town. The hotel lobby is tastefully decorated with wood and marble, and the overall feeling is very high-class. Additionally, the chandelier with leaf-shaped pendants hanging in the center of the lobby is very attractive and recognizable.


Image credit: CHRISTEE SUITES HOTEL Facebook

Once you enter the hotel room, it smells fresh and is very spacious. The room has two designs, one in a modern style and one in a somewhat ancient style. The antique-style room has a TV cabinet and the closet is made of mahogany. Besides, the bathroom in the room is divided into a wet area and a dry area, and there is a bathtub.


Image credit: CHRISTEE SUITES HOTEL Facebook

Christee Suite Hotel Melaka also has a gym, steam room, lounge, bar, and a delicious cafe with local cuisine. The hotel offers free breakfast, and the sambal is super delicious! From the hotel, you can walk to Chicken Farm Street, AFamosa, and Dataran Pahlawan, which is very convenient.


Image credit: CHRISTEE SUITES HOTEL Facebook

Before entering the hotel, their security guards will warmly come over to greet and help carry luggage, a gesture that wants to make a pleasant start to the day!

Additional Information:
Address: 37A, Jalan Chan Koon Cheng, Bandar Hilir 75000 Melaka
Check-in & Check-out: Check-in after 3:00 pm & Check-out before 12 noon
Contact: +60 6-288 1199

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  1. Kaizen Hotel & Suites Melaka

Kaizen Hotel & Suites Melaka location

Image credit: Kaizen Hotel & Suites Melaka Facebook

Kaizen Hotel & Suites Melaka is the best hotel in Malacca which is located in a building with European and French design styles. So this location makes you feel like you are in a foreign country instantly. This is not only a comfortable place to stay, but also a photo spot full of artistic atmosphere.

Kaizen Hotel & Suites Melaka room and suite

Image credit: Kaizen Hotel & Suites Melaka Facebook

The interior design of the hotel is exquisite, and every corner is a good place to take pictures, which is very suitable for friends who like to take pictures. Besides, the design and decoration of the hotel room are light and luxurious, with a large mirror, complete equipment, and its own small balcony. Generally, the whole environment is bright and clean.

Kaizen Hotel & Suites Melaka indoor swimming pool

Image credit: Kaizen Hotel & Suites Melaka Facebook

In addition, the hotel also provides two swimming pools, indoor and outdoor, so that you can enjoy the fun of swimming. It is in proximity to the Melaka Straits Mosque, a floating mosque built on stilts over the sea. When the tide is cloudy, the mosque seems to be floating on the water, with a panoramic view of the sunrise, sunset, and magnificent scenery of the Strait of Malacca. It is a stunning view and must be seen!

Kaizen Hotel & Suites Melaka exterior

Image credit: Kaizen Hotel & Suites Melaka Facebook

When you come to Kaizen Suite & Hotel, you can enjoy a different atmosphere and take a lot of beautiful photos. It is definitely the best choice for your accommodation when traveling in Malacca!

Additional Information:
Address: Jln Baiduri 1, Taman Pulau Melaka, 75000 Melaka, Malacca
Check-in & Check-out: Check-in after 3:00 pm & Check-out before 12 noon (Reception closed at 12:00 am)
Contact: +60 16-610 7179
Website: Kaizen Hotel & Suites Melaka

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  1. The Nest House Melaka

The Nest House Melaka location

Image credit: The Nest House Melaka Facebook

The Nest House located in Banda Hilir is one of the most ins-style and affordable accommodations in Malacca. The natural light here is particularly good, there is a separate courtyard that is very comfortable, and there is a cute little. While staying at the hotel is also a great choice instead to walk around nearby attractions.

The Nest House Melaka room

Image credit: The Nest House Melaka Facebook

The hotel features 4 floors and about 6 rooms on each floor. Although the hotel seems small, the overall interior design of the texture and many corners are suitable for taking pictures of the card place. The environment here is quite clean and bright, and the warm yellow light is particularly comfortable.

The Nest House Melaka rooftop

Image credit: The Nest House Melaka Facebook

In addition, there are paintings of swallows/bird’s nests hanging in the corridors and rooms. Besides, the design of the rooms is also very simple, comfortable, and generous. There is a window on the wall above the bed, so the feeling of waking up to the sunlight softly shining in the morning is really comfortable.

The pantry here is shared, there are small snacks, dry food, cup noodles, and drinks that are free to take oh! The security and privacy of this place are adequate, due to a password is required to unlock the door. Moreover, the geography of the place is excellent, and it only takes about 5-10 minutes by car to reach all the must-see attractions and good places to eat.

Additional Information:
Address: No, 7, Lorong 1, Banda Hilir, 75000, Malacca
Check-in & Check-out: Check-in after 3:00 pm & Check-out before 9:00 am
Contact: +60 6-283 1118
Website: The Nest House Melaka

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  1. The Shore Hotel & Residences

The Shore Hotel & Residences location

Image credit: The Shore Hotel & Residences Facebook

The Shore Hotel & Residences is an exquisite beachfront property offering unparalleled views of the stunning coastline, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a luxurious retreat. Each apartment at The Shore provides the utmost comfort and convenience for guests.

The Shore Hotel & Residences Double room

Image credit: The Shore Hotel & Residences Facebook

The contemporary decor and design of The Shore Hotel and Residences Malacca exude sophistication and elegance. Besides, the tasteful combination of modern furnishings, polished finishes, and soothing color palettes creates a serene atmosphere that allows guests to unwind and relax in style.

The Shore Hotel & Residences Kid's Swimming Pool

Image credit: The Shore Hotel & Residences Facebook

In addition, the rooms feature expansive windows and private balconies provide stunning ocean views. This greatly immerses guests in the beauty of their surroundings. Moreover, The Shore Hotel also features some top-class facilities. The facilities include a magnificent infinity pool overlooking the ocean, a fitness center, a rejuvenating spa, and a children’s play area.

The Shore Hotel & Residences Garden and Pool

Image credit: The Shore Hotel & Residences Facebook

In addition, the hotel also offers several dining options that surely satisfy guests’ taste buds. From a fine dining restaurant to international cuisine. It is undoubtedly the best hotel in Melaka with the best facilities and services!

Additional Information:
Address: Level GF, 193, Pinggiran @Sungai Melaka, Jalan Persisiran Bunga Raya, 75100, Melaka
Check-in & Check-out: Check-in after 3:00 pm & Check-out before 12 noon
Contact: +60 6-282 8200
Website: The Shore Hotel & Residences

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  1. The Nines Hotel Melaka

The Nines Hotel Melaka lobby

Image credit: The Nines Hotel Melaka 

The Nines Hotel Melaka is a chic and modern boutique hotel with a Japanese Muji style. The exterior of the hotel is full of the simple warm white super beautiful building is full of Melaka retro style, making it offers a comfortable and contemporary ambiance.

The Nines Hotel Melaka Family suite

Image credit: The Nines Hotel Melaka 

The interior of the hotel is full of Japanese Muji style design, wooden furniture, lime, and warm white to create a simple Japanese atmosphere. This decor undoubtedly makes people feel super relaxed and comfortable as soon as they enter the room, and super healing!

The Nines Hotel Melaka bathroom

Image credit: The Nines Hotel Melaka 

There are 6 different types of rooms, all of which are bright and spacious, and all of which are very clean and tidy! The room features thoughtful furniture, including a luggage storage area, that allows the guests to put their luggage away. Especially there is a floor-to-ceiling full-length mirror near the bed.

The Nines Hotel Melaka interior

Image credit: The Nines Hotel Melaka 

What’s more, the hotel offers a reasonable price which the price is below RM150 per night! So it’s worth coming to experience it and book a stay here!

Additional Information:
Address: 1, Jalan Gajah Berang, 75200 Melaka
Check-in & Check-out: Check-in after 3:00 pm & Check-out before 11:00 am 
Contact: +60 6-282 6868
Website: The Nines Hotel Melaka 

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  1. The Emperor Hotel

The Emperor Hotel Malacca location

Image credit: The Emperor Hotel Facebook

The Emperor Hotel Malacca is a grand and luxurious hotel with stately architecture and a regal ambiance. The hotel offers a unique blend of traditional charm and modern convenience, making it the perfect choice for travelers seeking a memorable and comfortable stay.

The Emperor Hotel room

Image credit: MakeMyTrip

The rooms at The Emperor Hotel Melaka are spacious, well-appointed, and feature modern amenities. Besides, the spacious rooms are adorned with elegant furnishings and plush bedding, ensuring a restful and serene environment for guests.

Additionally, the hotel includes facilities and amenities for a very comfortable stay. The hotel features a stunning outdoor pool, restaurant on-site, gym room, meeting rooms, and kid’s activities area.

The Emperor Hotel swimming pool

Image credit: TripAdvisor

For dining, the hotel offers a restaurant serving a variety of local and international cuisine in buffet style. Besides, The Emperor Hotel in Melaka City offers in-room dining, too! The guests may indulge in the delicious local food in the room.

Additional Information:
Address: 123, Jalan Munshi Abdullah, Malacca City, Malaysia
Check-in & Check-out: Check-in after 3:00 pm & Check-out before 12 noon
Contact: +60 6-284 0777
Website: The Emperor Hotel Malacca

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  1. Liu Men Hotel Melaka

Liu Men Hotel Melaka location

Image credit: Liu Men Hotel Melaka Facebook

Liu Men Hotel Malacca is a new hotel in Malacca that stands as a fashionable and refined hotel. This luxurious establishment is a combination of modern design with traditional allure. To ensure guests experience an unforgettable and relaxing stay. It is located a diagonally short walk from Jonker Street Qing Yun Ting.

Liu Men Hotel Melaka room

Image credit: Liu Men Hotel Melaka Facebook

The hotel is originally one of the heritage hotels built in 1945 before the Japanese retreat, it is an all-white, clean, retro-style design building. Today, it has a ‘new looks’ with the most distinctive features, a well-lit patio and brick-red antique carved staircase, with beautiful black and white tiles on the floor, full of a strong colonial flavor.

Liu Men Hotel Melaka balcony

Image credit: Liu Men Hotel Melaka Facebook

The hotel has five room types, Jebat, Hang Tuah, Kapitan, Cheng Ho Suite, and Parameswara Suite designs. The rooms are decorated in the same way as the public space, with the colonial flavor of the South Seas, very distinctive. Additionally, certain room or suite features a breathtaking city view.

Liu Men Hotel Melaka lobby

Image credit: Liu Men Hotel Melaka Facebook

Liu Men Hotel Malacca is the best hotel to stay in Melaka on your upcoming journey to this storied city. You surely will have a comfortable and enjoyable stay!

Additional Information:
Address:  46-56, Jalan Tokong, Kampung Dua, 75200 Melaka
Check-in & Check-out: Check-in 12 noon & Check-out before 11:45 am 
Contact: +60 6-288 1161
Website: Liu Men Hotel Melaka 

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  1. Greystone 99 Suites

Greystone 99 Suites room with pool view

Image credit: Booking.com

Greystone 99 Suites is one of the new hotels in Malacca Malaysia established in February 2023. It is a boutique and 5 star hotel in Malacca that features 41 stylish and spacious rooms, each having its own unique vibe, it’s a great spot to chill and rest while exploring the city.

The rooms and suites are elegantly designed in a warm and cozy ambiance with warm light and floor-to-ceiling windows. Some even have balconies with awesome city views or pool views, perfect for sipping your morning coffee or winding down in the evening.

Moreover, the hotel provides various facilities and services, including kid pools, a fitness center, an outdoor swimming pool, a cafe, and a restaurant.

Greystone 99 Suites living room suite

Image credit: Booking.com

The hotel is super close to some of Malacca’s must-visit spots like the Stadthuys, Christ Church, and the lively Jonker Street. This makes it easy to dive into the city’s rich culture, try some mouthwatering local dishes, and grab a few souvenirs for your friends back home.

Greystone 99 Suites is the perfect spot for a laid-back and budget-friendly stay while you’re out exploring the charming city of Malacca.

Additional Information:
Address: 33 Jalan Tun Sri Lanang, 75100 Melaka, Malaysia
Check-in & Check-out: Check-in after 3:00 pm & Check-out before 12 noon

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