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Private Car Services Singapore - Malaysia

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Special Travelling Request: Looking for private car from Singapore to Malacca?

We accept any kind of pick-up services from any location in Singapore to Malacca, especially for those who plan to have a daily trip around Malacca From Singapore.

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Singapore To Malacca Private Car

Malacca is one of those places which is a MUST visit states in Malaysia due to its historical and cultural heritage.

I am guessing that the first thing on your mind is “Aiyo..lazy-lah need to drive all the way up to Malacca”.

Let me suggest you a win-win solution for you.

Just get a private car from Singapore to Malacca!

The next question that might popped into your head is “I have no idea on which company provides Singapore to Malacca private car/taxi services which is reliable enough”

Do consider Private Car SG.MY Travel for your smooth flowing private transport to Malacca.

Let Me Tell You Why Private Car SG.MY Travel Is A Good Choice To Make:

  • The booking process to get your private transport from Singapore to Malacca would be very easy.
  • No need to get off from vehicle to get your passport stamp at Singapore & Malaysia checkpoints.
  • They have reliable drivers so you can fully enjoy the sightseeing along the way to Malacca.
  • Condition of private car are in tip-top condition and suitable for long-distance travelling (well maintained!)
  • A very convenient Door to Door Pick Up service is available! (you do not have to be tied down to a certain allocated time)
  • Comfortable legroom even after you have placed your luggage inside
  • Affordable pricing for their MPVs as your private transport to Malacca (fits up to 7 passengers!)

If you still have doubts about getting Private Car SG.MY Travel as your transport from Singapore to Malacca, you can always check out the non-biased testimonials by real customers at Private Car SG.MY Travel Testimonials

What to Expect

  • Pay the fees directly in cash to the driver (to be paid in Singapore Dollars)
  • The journey will take around 2.5 hours – 3 hours.

Options of Private Cars Available

No. of seaters:


Comfort capacity:

5 passengers, 1 big luggage & 3 hand carry

No. of seaters:


Comfort capacity:

6 passengers, 2 big luggage & 4 hand carry

No. of seaters:


Comfort capacity:

5 passengers, 2 big luggage & 4 hand carry

No. of seaters:


Comfort capacity:

7 passengers, 2 big luggage & 4 hand carry

Private Transfer Options

Choose between any of these arrangements:

Option 1: Singapore to Malacca (1-Way Transfer)

Option 2: Malacca to Singapore (1-Way Transfer)

Option 3: Singapore to/from Malacca (2-Way Transfer)

How To Book Your Private Car

So, are you ready to make your booking?

Just click onto this link booking to reserve your private car service from Singapore to Malacca or you may WhatsApp us.

What are you waiting for?

Go on and have look into your calendars and book your private transport from Singapore to Malacca now!

Enjoy your holiday!

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Top 18 Must Visit Attractions In Malacca

Malacca is an important town because it has been noted for being a gateway between the East and the West for trading purposes.

The town was originally inhabited by natives; however, the Portuguese and Dutch started to exert their influences to the area in the early part of the sixteenth century.

The British had ruled the area for much of the seventeenth century as well. It was not until 1956 that the area declared its independence and was brought back into Malaysian control.

How To Get To Malacca From Singapore?

Malacca City is located about 250 kilometers northwest of the center of Singapore. You can take the Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan road most of the way to the area.

This is a good distance to travel, but it will be worth it when you take a look at the many attractions of the town including the many spaces that were critical to the trading history in the area. It is also around two hours north of Johor and two hours south of Kuala Lumpur.

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Jonker Walk is the most popular place to visit while in Malacca. This is a major walkway and public area where you can find a number of retailers, businesses and other places, as well as the Chinatown section.

The A Famosa fort is also located around the area. This was built in the early sixteenth century, but a massive part of it was destroyed in 1807. Today, the remains of the fort can be seen around the area with the fort’s main gate being the most popular feature. A watchtower that was recently unearthed during some archaeological excavations can also be found near the main gate.

The Malacca Straits Mosque can also be found around the coastline. It is a new mosque that has been opened in 2006 and has a pronounced Malay-inspired architectural design that makes it stand out along the waterway as a brilliant beacon of light. The Mega Mall can also be found in the nearby area.

26 Best Malacca Food & Where To Find Them

You can also find many restaurants around the area. A city guide will tell you that the best food services come from places around the street spots in the city like the Pak Putra Tandoori and Naan restaurant, Malacca nyonya cuisines and Satay Celup restaurant.

Some hotels are good for boarding as well. The Marvleux Hotel, Hatten Hotel, Majestic Hotel and the Renaissance Hotel are among the top places to stay at while out here. These hotels have top-rating reports and include many rooms dedicated to your comfort. If you are looking for best Malacca resort, click here: 11 Best Resorts in Malacca For Your Next Vacation

If you’re looking for some culture immersion when you travel to Malaysia, the Malacca Heritage Town will be a great place to visit. This is a unique town that offers some impressive historical features and is very popular among tourists. You can get there through our car hire service just as well. This is a huge destination that is worth making a trip to.