Rates will be Increase 50% from 7/2/2014 until 14/2/2014 for Chinese New Year Period

Private Car Services Singapore - Malaysia

Additional Pick-up / Drop-Off Point

For each additional pick-up or drop-off point, you will be charged an extra SG$10 for the first 5 kilometers, and SG$20 beyond 5 kilometers. There is no limit for en-route points, and the whole transfer will not take more than 1 hour to complete.

Midnight surcharge: Extra charges for midnight services apply within 00:00-05:59.

Depending on the boarding time of the passengers (00:00-05:59), an additional SG$10 surcharge per transfer will be applicable.

Toll fee via Second Link Expressway (to be shouldered by the passenger): SG$10

Arrival Transfer

There won’t be any charges for the initial 45 minutes of waiting, depending upon the actual landing of the flight. However, beyond that, an additional charge of SG$10 per 30-minute block will be applicable. Please note that every additional minute to a 30-minute block will be rounded up to the next block.

Departure Transfer / Point-to-Point Transfer

There won’t be any charge for the first 30 minutes of waiting, depending on the scheduled pick-up time. However, beyond 30 minutes, additional SG$10 will be charged per 30-minute block. There are no reservation charges, parking charges, airport surcharge, fuel surcharge, peak hour surcharge, or additional booking charges.

Free Waiting TimeFirst 45 minutes
SG$10 per 30 minutesBeyond 45 minutes
Payment on board (in SGD)Payment

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  1. Services and additional booking options are available 24/7, regardless of holidays.
  2. Private Car SG.MY Travel’s services are currently restricted within Malaysia and Singapore only.
  3. Exclusion: Driver’s tip (optional)
  4. All transfer services are required to be booked 12 hours before the scheduled travel date (by phone). Last minute bookings are subject to availability. We assume the right to alter the model of the vehicle depending upon the scheduled travel date.
  5. Pricing and rates are subject to change without prior notice.
  6. We primarily travel through Link 1 (Woodlands Checkpoint). Travelers must pay a surcharge of SG$10 to travel through Link 2.

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